Q. Does AIBS offer Fellowships for non-U.S. Citizens?

A. No, AIBS Fellowships are available only to U.S. citizens who are Individual Members of AIBS.  Instructions for how to become an Individual Member can be found here.

Q. Why do I have to pay a $250 Administrative Fee in order to receive a fellowship?

A. AIBS Fellowships are offered to applicants from member institutions.  If your institution is not a member, then the fellow will be required to pay the Administrative Fee that member institutions pay.  If your institution is already a member of AIBS, this fee is waived.  In addition, if your institution applies for Membership prior to the start of your research, this fee will be waived.

Q. What is the fellowship application deadline?

A. The fellowship application deadline is September 1, for travel beginning in the spring or summer of the following year.

Q. When will decisions be made about fellowships?

A. Decisions will be made within approximately two months after the application deadline.

Q. How will awardees receive their funds?

A. Fellows will receive their funds directly from AIBS. Please contact aibs@southasia.wisc.edu if you have specific questions regarding your funds.

Q. Can letters of recommendation arrive after the fellowship application deadline?

A. Please encourage your references to submit their letters as soon as possible.  At the deadline, an application without references will be processed pending the letters of recommendation.  If the letters do not arrive by the time the applications are ready for review, your application may not be included in the review process. The timely arrival of all supporting documents is looked on favorably by reviewers.

Q. Can letters of reference be sent to the AIBS office?

A. No, letters of reference should be uploaded directly to the applicant’s online application form.  When an applicant fills out the application, he/she will have an opportunity to send an email directly to the references with instructions on how to submit the letters.

Q. Can I apply for an AIBS fellowship even though I am currently not All But Dissertation (ABD), but will shortly become ABD?

A. Yes, applicants may apply prior to becoming ABD, but must be ABD at the time of their fellowship.

Travel Grants/Research Presentation Subsidies

Q. How do I apply for a Travel Grant/RPS?

A. All Travel Grant/RPS applications should be submitted using the online form.  The form, with instructions and deadlines, can be found here (ADD LINK).

Q. If I know I am going to a conference, how far in advance can I apply for a Travel Grant/RPS?

A. All Travel Grant/RPS applications are due by either October 1 or February 1.  The October 1 deadline is for conferences in the Fall Semester of the same year, and the February 1 deadline is for those conferences in the Spring Semester of the same year.

Studying Bangla

Q. How do I apply to study Bangla in Dhaka?

A. Bangla language study is offered through the Critical Languages Scholarship Program. For application information, please visit the CLS website